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Pok Fu Lam



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Information Technology

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Information Technology

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Pok Fu Lam

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Job Description Animal intelligence has long been an interesting but challenging subject in various scientific fields. Our company is trying to draw inspiration from natural coordination in order to advance our design in artificial systems. We hope to get a knowledge of coordinated animal behaviour by investigating bio-inspired multi-agent control strategies, and the algorithms and framework created can be applied for applications ranging from vehicle state prediction to multi-target tracking in robots. So we are looking for data scientist to apply data science technologies to understand animals' behaviors. Job Duties -Develop AI/ML models to meet the project requirements, including testing and documentation - Work with IT and end users to implement the solutions in a production environment - Conduct researches and literature reviews for the projects - Prepare presentation materials for progress reports and research results for internal and external meetings Requirements - Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, Data Science, Mathematics, Information Systems or related area - Knowledge of some or all of Python, SQL, R or equivalents, including commonly used packages - Knowledge of statistical and predictive modelling techniques - Strong English language communication skills, and ideally Cantonese or Mandarin skills - Strong analytical and problem-solving skills - A drive to learn and master new technologies and techniques

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