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Marketing Officer

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Marketing & Public Relations

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Full Time

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Marketing & Public Relations

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Marketing Officer Job Purpose: Responsible for all marketing strategies and activities within the company. Oversees the marketing department and provides direction and feedback on major projects. Makes key decisions regarding product distribution, budgeting, branding, and sales. Works with other company officers to set the overall direction and objectives for product and service offerings. Marketing Officer Job Duties: Acts as the highest-ranking employee in the marketing department Assists in the interviewing, hiring, and training of key marketing staff members, including marketing managers and consultants Research and analyses market trends, competitor offerings, demographics, and other information that affects marketing strategies Uses research findings and analysis to provide direction to marketing managers regarding upcoming marketing projects, new products or services, and overall strategy Identifies areas for improvement in product offerings, sales tactics, marketing strategy, and promotional activities Approves all marketing campaigns and plans before they are implemented Weighs in on important decisions involving product advertising, packaging, media channels, and branding Maintains the department’s budget and ensures all marketing activities are cost-effective Works with other company officers to establish budgets and marketing objectives Monitors marketing and sales performance and adjusts strategies as needed Adheres to and implements all company policies and procedures Marketing Officer Skills and Qualifications: Advanced Degree in Marketing, Business, or a Related Field, Extensive Marketing Experience, Understanding of Business Practices, Budgeting, Financial Knowledge, In-Depth Research and Analysis, Computer Proficiency, Interpersonal Communication, Client Relationships, Writing, Public Speaking, Creativity, Innovation, Adaptability, Leadership, Managerial Skills, Multi-Tasking, Big-Picture Thinking

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